Bobcat CareerLink (BCL) is an excellent resource for OHIO students and alumni. But, the problem is many people don’t know what it is or how to use it best. BCL is a job and internship search engine made specifically for Bobcats. On Bobcat CareerLink you can make your own profile, attach your resume or a cover letter, add a headshot and much more. Besides editing your profile, you have the ability to search for jobs and internships with your desired criteria. You can apply for positions that interest you right on the site. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Step 1: Check out the CLDC Student Code of Conduct before engaging in activity on Bobcat CareerLink.

Step 2: Make a profile.
If you don’t have one already, start by going to the Bobcat CareerLink site and making a profile and logging in with your OHIO email/Oak ID. Add a photo of yourself, attach a resume and add your past experience to your profile.


Step 3: Search for opportunities.
Under the “Jobs and Internships” tab and “Bobcat CareerLink Jobs” search for all sorts of jobs and internships. Enhance your search by city, state, industry and more.

Step 4: Apply for positions.
After clicking on something that appeals to you, you can read more about it. Browse the company website and see if it could be a fit. See something you like? Apply for it through BCL.

Step 5: Use the Resources tab.
BCL has resources you can use like Career Explorer, Career Finder, Resource Library and Career Advice. USE THESE. You never know what kind of help and inspiration you are going to find.

Step 6: Keep up with it.
The sixth and final step the CLDC would recommend is to keep up with  your BCL profile. New jobs and opportunities arise at all times and your dream job could appear while you’re not looking! You can also check under the “Events” tab for employers attending the Career & Internship Fairs. Never miss an opportunity. Sign up now.

Start searching, Bobcats.

By Delaney Swift, CLDC Social Media Intern

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